The question I get asked the most is.. Why do you hate Curt Schilling so much?That’s really easy to answer… He’s a piece of shit… And I don’t hate him.. Hate is a strong word. But seriously tho, don’t get it twisted. The guy is a grade A douchebag.

Why do you hate
him so much ?

It all started for me with the ALS water bucket challenge. I understand that may seem like an odd place to start, but follow my logic. The ALS water bucket challenge was one of those internet fads where people think they are helping something but in reality all they are doing to help is dumping a bucket of water on their head. It’s a false sense of feeling like you are contributing. It gives you all the endorphins of doing something, without having to actually do it.


This is one of my pet peeves, so naturally I had to think of a way I could let people know how dumb the whole logic was, but find a way to do it with wit and humor. Possibly even build a brand in the process.


That’s when I realized that Curt Schiiling named his son Gherig, obviously after his favorite baseball player Lou Gherig. Lou Gherig was diagnosed with a disease that was so rare at the time they called it Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Another name for Lou Gherig’s disease is ALS. Curt Schilling has such bad Karma that his son who he named after a man that was diagnosed with a disease so rare they named it for him, was diagnosed himself with that EXACT rare disease. Curt’s son Gheric had somehow gotten Lou Gherig’s disease AKA ALS AKA The thing they everyone was pointlessly dumping water on their head for.


With that FUCK CURT SCHILLING was born. It was just a throw away line that really didn’t mean anything. It was just something I kind of kept using over and over again for really no reason besides it being arbitrary and I wanted to see if it would stick. Five years later we are selling shirts so I guess you could say it has. 


Schiiling himself has helped the whole FUCK CURT SCHILLING mantra himself… By being himself. From the racist/ xneophobic/Anti islamic tweets. Or the time he ripped off the state of Rhode Island for millions of dollars when he pocketed a ton of cash and left everyone working for the company holding the bag and out on their ass. Or him just being a grouchy old man who wants everyone off his lawn. He isn’t known for being a good person let’s leave it at that.


He’s even come at me personally on two separate occasions on social media. One time telling me what a loser I was and how he was going to kick my ass, Thats where the saying “Pack A Lunch” comes from. Curt Schilling told me he was going to kick my ass and I needed to pack a lunch. At that moment it became the motto of our company, because you can’t make that shit up.


I’m honored  but not surprised that it picked up steam and stick so well. Because everyone seems to hate Curt Schilling and everyone seems to love telling him to go fuck himself.  We created the perfect shirt for that perfect occasion. So fuck a bloody sock. Rock this  Beautiful Hoodie and let the world know your lunch is packed and you don’t give a fuck.. About Curt Schilling. #FuckCurtSchilling #PackALunch  And fuck your bloody sock too……….

Limited Edition

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